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ReNu’s products contain CBD oil that is scientifically shown to improve overall well-being in the body. Recognizing that benefit, ReNu uses CBD oil as the delivery mechanism for its various wellness formulas. ReNu takes wellness management to the next level, concocting individual products blending together CBD oil with time-proven essential oils to help alleviate certain ailments or boost the immune system in general. This synergistic approach is unique to ReNu products and offers increased effectiveness overall.


This primordial shape symbolizes many qualities such as unity, wholeness, perfection and divinity and has been prevalent as a spiritual and ritual symbol in cultures around the world. ReNu adopted it in its logo to represent the cellularly unity wherein ReNu’s CBD products bring wellness, relief, health and renewal to the body.


ReNu is committed to using only scientifically certified industrial hemp cannabidiol oil, the non-psycho-genic active compound derived from the hemp plant. Cannabis sativa is shown to have a broad influence on the body, impacting expression of more than 1000 genes. Using the best available methods, our extraction technology called nano-emulsification reduces the molecular conglomeration of hemp molecules to such an extremely small size that we are able to “encapsulate” the hemp molecules with a jacket of water molecules that render the hemp 100% biologically available at the cellular level. This maximizes the amount of CBD the body can absorb into the cellular matrix. Nano-emulsification means a faster absorption rate along with 80% more total absorption than inferior CBD oils – such as alcohol suspended tinctures.